17 June 2024 - Expedited US passport applications can now be processed in four business days.

17 June 2024 - An appointment is required for all office visits. Please call us to schedule an in-person office visit.

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Serving all states of the USA for over 20 years

Accredited business
Our business is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We have an A+ grade, which demonstrates high level of trust and quality of our business.
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We are an expedited passport service registered with the U.S. Department of State. All our couriers are authorized by the National Passport Agency.
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We have over 650,000 satisfied customers since 1998 and have a 5-star average rating on Google Reviews.
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Our service

Allstate Passports & Visas is a passport expediting company registered with the U.S. Department of State's Passport Agency.

With more than 20 years of experience, we provide efficient U.S. passport expediting service and foreign travel visa processing for travelers from anywhere in the United States.

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Passport Services

Allstate Passports & Visas is able to expedite U.S. passports in as little as 24 hours.

Visa Services

We work directly with most foreign Embassies and Consulates to secure necessary travel visas.


Our clients

Allstate Passports & Visas provides travel documents support to a wide spectrum of businesses from major US Corporations and US Government agencies to small businesses and individuals. Interested in learning how we can streamline your passport and travel visa process, please contact us.


While we recognize and welcome competition in our industry, we work hard to position ourselves to be the leader by offering key benefits to our customers. Among some of the main benefits are:
- Direct Work With U.S. Passport Agency
- Fast Track Application Processing
- 100% Service Guarantee

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SERVICE guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and our 100% money-back guarantee is a testament to that. Allstate Passports & Visas will make every effort to get your passport or visa to you within the allotted time frame chosen. In the unlikely event that we fail to provide processing of customer’s documents in the time frame that the customer paid for, the customer may request a full refund of the expediting fee paid to Allstate Passports & Visas.

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How It Works

Our online expediting process is Simple, Secure and On Time!

Apply Online

Choose service type and processing speed

Prepare Documents

Follow the checklist to collect required documents

Mail Your Documents

Mail documents to APV using a FedEx label


Over 650,000 Satisfied Customers
Since 1998.

I have used Allstate Passports & Visas since 2009. Very professional service was the result.

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Frank V.

Very straightforward process and easily navigated website.

David M.

I have used Allstate PV for 8 years from my 1st trip to Russia. Roman and Albina are professional and thoughtful for my needs.

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Don J.

Extremely pleased! I was a little skeptical of ordering from a third party but I am happy to report this company is legitimate!

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Jackie M.

Allstate Passports has served me so well over the past decade.

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Laura S.

Exactly as advertised. We received our passports back today, on schedule and the price as quoted.

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Jeremy G.

I'm an American who wanted to go to Russia for the first time, and Allstate Passports & Visas made it very easy.

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Benjin D.

I have used and referred friends to your site knowing details will be handled properly.

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Nancy R.

Could not have been more satisfied or blown away that I could receive a passport within 2 days of starting this process.

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Kelly K.

This company delivered as promised.

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Mark T.

Always had very good experiences with Allstate PV. They are always glad to help you with your application, etc.

John D.

Allstate was great. Roman even saved us some money on our visa. They were professional and made a sometimes challenging process easy. Thanks!

Michael K.

Easy to follow format, very convenient.

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Pam S.

Many thanks to this company and their wonderful employee Tatiana who helped me get my passport! You guys are the best!!

Greg M.

Good website, easy to follow.

Mike B.

Very helpful agent. Quick to respond to questions.

Paulina L.

I appreciated the Allstate agent's kind reply to my questions.

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Cory J.

Extremely professional and gave me all the information I needed to get my passport on a 24 hour turnaround.

Vadim S.

Dependable service, have used many times.

Julie K.

Love working with APV and especially Albina in Seattle. Phenomenal, knowledgeable, courteous help!

Jamie S.

This was awesome. I was very skeptical at first due to Covid but they made it super easy and I got my passport ahead of schedule.

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Kasha S.

Excellent professional quick service will continue to use Allstate Passports for future travel

Jonathan B.

Thank you for making this quick & easy!

Glen B.

Always pleased with Allstate Passports & Visas service

Bill D.

This company specializes in providing visa, and insurance for those heading to Big Russia and nearby countries.

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Lily E.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled an easy FAQ guide to help you navigate expediting your passport and visa.

Passport questions
Visa questions
Miscellaneous questions
What is a passport?

A passport is a document, issued by a national government, which certifies, for the purpose of international travel, the identity and nationality of its holder. A passport does not entitle its bearer to entry into another country – each country has its own entry requirements and for entry to many countries travelers need to carry an entry visa in addition to the passport.

What is the difference between a passport and a visa?

A visa is a permission granted by a foreign government for the bearer to enter that country and to remain there for a specific period of time. Visas are issued by the Embassies or Consulates of the countries, to which a person intends to travel. Allstate Passports & Visas helps process visas for US citizens and permanent residents to most countries of the world.

Who can issue passports?

A United States passport can only be issued by the US Department of State, Passport Agencies that are part of the State Department structure and Foreign Service Posts (US Embassies and Consulates) designated by the US Secretary of State. Agencies that provide passport services in the USA, such as Allstate Passports and Visas, submit passport applications on the traveler’s behalf to the authorized issuing offices, and help facilitate expedited passport processing.

Is it guaranteed that I will receive my passport by a certain date?

Allstate Passports and Visas will make every effort to ensure that you get your passport in time for your trip. Processing times listed on our website are provided by the US Department of State under normal circumstances. Allstate Passports and Visas cannot always guarantee, however, that your passport will be returned to you by a certain date, because it is ultimately at the discretion of the US Passport Agency as to when your passport will be released. Sometimes a Passport Agency becomes overwhelmed with the amount of applications they receive and this translates into longer processing times. Also, US Passport Agency may request additional documents at their own discretion. In such cases processing time will also be extended. Equipment failure is also among the causes that can lead to a delay. Nevertheless, we do our absolute best to get the paperwork processed on time and without delay.

I am not a US citizen. Can Allstate Passports and Visas help me obtain a passport?

Allstate Passports and Visas only helps US citizens with US passport processing. A United States passport cannot be issued to a person who is not a citizen of the USA. Foreign nationals should contact the Embassy of the country of their nationality/citizenship with questions regarding renewing or obtaining a new passport.

Can my child be included on my passport?

Every person, including children, is required to have their own passport.

Why should I choose Allstate Passports and Visas to expedite my U.S. passport application?

You don't have to, but if you need your application for a U.S. passport handled quickly, professionally and securely, our experience will make your trip a success.

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