15 March 2021 - We've moved to a new location! Our new office address: 8201 164th Ave NE, Suite 200, Redmond, WA 98052.

15 June 2021 - Due to Covid- 19 restrictions, an appointment is required for all office visits. Please call us to schedule an in-person office visit.

July 9 2021 - Seattle US Passport Agency has resumed expedited processing for all types of passport applications.

July 9 2021 - For the latest information about available passport and visa services, please call our toll-free number 800-672-1015.

Chesapeake, VA expedited passport renewal and new passport

Allstate Passports & Visas is a trusted expedited passport service for residents of the Chesapeake area. With our service, your passport can be processed in as little as 24-hours. If you do not have an emergency travel plans, we offer several processing options as well. After completing your passport appointment (required for new passport applications only), you can be assured that your passport process will be expedited within requested time (from the moment your documents reach our office). Get an Expedited Passport in Chesapeake, Virginia today!


These facilities are a great option for travelers who do not need a fast passport within 4 weeks or less. They are also a place for those travelers who need to have their applications sealed for expedited US passport processing through Allstate Passports & Visas.

Select Acceptance Facility near you for your non-rush passport application:

Location Address City State Zip Phone
ChesapeakeTreasurer’s Office 1205 20th St Chesapeake VA 23324 (757) 543-3555
Norfolk Circuit Court Clerk’s Office 100 Saint Pauls Blvd Norfolk VA 23510 (757) 664-4380
Main Office Window Unit 600 Church St Norfolk VA 23501 (757) 629-2286
Debree Station USPS 417 W 20th St Norfolk VA 23517 (757) 625-6700
Portsmouth Post Office 933 Broad St Portsmouth VA 23707 (757) 397-0841
Lafayette Station USPS 2655 Tidewater Dr Norfolk VA 23509 (757) 624-9479
Chesapeake Post Office 1425 Battlefield Blvd N Chesapeake VA 23320 (757) 548-4865
Milan Post Office 3800 Colley Ave Norfolk VA 23508 (757) 624-9472
Chesapeake Treasurer’s Office 824 Old George Washington Hwy N Chesapeake VA 23323 (757) 382-3660
Norview Station USPS 1112 Green St Norfolk VA 23513 (757) 855-4957