15 March 2022 - Expedited US passport applications can now be processed in five, ten, fifteen and twenty business days.

15 February 2022 - An appointment is required for all office visits. Please call us to schedule an in-person office visit.

15 January 2022 - We've moved to a new location! Our new office address: 8201 164th Ave NE, Suite 200, Redmond, WA 98052.

Passport Resources
Lost or stolen passport FAQ
What happens after I report my passport lost or stolen?

You should only report your passport lost or stolen if the original, physical version of the passport book or passport card has been lost or stolen.

Once you report a U.S. passport lost or stolen, it becomes invalid, cannot be re-instated and cannot be used for international travel.

Call the US Department of State toll-free at 1-877-487-2778 (TTY 1-888-874-7793).

Is it guaranteed that I will receive my lost passport by a certain date?

Allstate Passports and Visas will make every effort to ensure that you get your lost or stolen passport in time for your trip. Processing times listed on our website are provided by the US Department of State under normal circumstances. Allstate Passports and Visas cannot always guarantee, however, that your passport will be returned to you by a certain date, because it is ultimately at the discretion of the US Passport Agency as to when your passport will be released. Sometimes a Passport Agency becomes overwhelmed with the amount of applications they receive and this translates into longer processing times. Also, US Passport Agency may request additional documents at their own discretion. In such cases processing time will also be extended. Equipment failure is also among the causes that can lead to a delay. Nevertheless, we do our absolute best to get the paperwork processed on time and without delay.